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Qoylloriti Cultural Trek (QOYCT)



Qoyllority is one of the most intriguing festivals in the Andes.  While it is linked with the Catholic religion, its roots lie in the ancient Incan principal of uniting man and nature.  In Quechuan Qoyllority means ‘Snow Star’ or ‘Shining Snow’.  Much of the festival is based around growth and fertility, and the worship of the old mountain spirits is also key.  Every June, just before the festival of Corpus Christi, more than 2,000 people congregate in the small town of Qoyllority (4,700m) near the
snow line of Mt Ausengate.   

Processions of colorful dancers and "Pauluchas" converge on the Capilla del Senor Qoyllority – the main church in the area in the small village of Sinakara.  You will enjoy ceremonies and traditional dances which are only practiced here in this part of the Andes – a truly unique and unforgettable experience!

The celebrations take place in the ancient Inca capital of Cusco with Corpus Christi, when all Cusco’s streets and plaza´s fill with vibrant processions and music.

* “Pauluchas” represent Alpacas and were believed to be intermediaries between Sir Qoyllority and his men.


dances in Qoyllority
dances and pabluchas in Qoyllority Qoyllority

Day One:
We depart at 07.00 am and arrive at approximately 10.00 am in Maguallani.  Then we start our hike of around 2.5 hours to Qoyllority, where we will have lunch on arrival.  In Qoyllority we will witness all the ancient rites and customs involved in the ceremony, as well as join in with the traditional activities and learn some of the dances.  At 07.00 pm we will enjoy dinner and afterwards we go to sleep.

Day Two:
At 07.00 am we have breakfast and shortly afterwards we go to church to participate in the special mass dedicated to El Señor de Qoyllority.  After a few more hours of enjoying the celebrations in Qoyllority we will have lunch and commence our walk back to Maguallani.  From Maguallani to Cusco we travel by car, arriving in Cusco at approximately 07.30 pm.


pilgrimage to Sr. de Qoyllority travelling to Sr. de Qoyllority Pilgrimage to Sr. de Qoyllority

Practical Information

Leaving: June 20
Transport: BY BUS
Length: 2 days
Price 2017:
Bring With You

Qoyllority Warm clothes;
Qoyllority sweather;
Qoyllority jacket;
Qoyllority Tablets for purify water;
Qoyllority good shoes for the snow;
Qoyllority Something for on your head;
Qoyllority Fotocamera;
Qoyllority choclets;
Qoyllority sweats;
Qoyllority Flash light.
Included Not Included
Qoyllority Roundtrip transport;
Qoyllority pack mules for the equipment;
Qoyllority bilingual guide;
Qoyllority cooks;
Qoyllority camping equipment;
Qoyllority tents and mattresses.
Qoyllority  Sleeping bag;



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