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Inti Raymi (INTI)

Inti Raymi


Inti Raymi is a festival that reverts back to the Inca's. It is a celebration and a sacrifice to the sun of God. While the official ceremony is the 'quote' event, my favorite part was hanging with the locals as they spent the day partying away. This is one of the few events in Peru where the locals outnumber the tourists. Most tourists buy tickets to sit in the grand stands but sitting on the side of the mountain with the locals is where it's at.


Inti Raymi festival in Cusco Inti Raymi festival in Cusco

Pick-up at your hotel and transport to the temple of the sun, the Qoricancha to hail the sun Procession to Auqaypata (main square of Cusco). Procession to the sacred square of saqsayhuaman. Presentation of typical dances from all religions of the Inca empire and presentation of worship of the sun. We can appreciate different Andean groups and their offerings, rituals, typical clothings and dances.

Inti Raymi

Practical Information

Leaving: 24 JUNE
Transport: BY BUS
Length: 1 day
Price 2017:
Bring With You

Inti Raymi Hat;
Inti Raymi Photo camera;
Inti Raymi Film camera
Inti Raymi Transport round trip;
Inti Raymi Entrance to the festival;
Inti Raymi English speaking guide.



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