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Vilcabamba Trek (VLBT)

Vilcabamba Dos Manos travel agency and tour operator


This is a complete trekking route which includes the visit at the important archeological sites of Ñusta Hispana, Vitcos and Rosaspata. Every day it offers impressing and different attractions: you can see spectacular mountains, panoranic views over the valleyof the highlands and lowlands. It is an excellent combination of culture and nature and it is an a walk that can not be compared with any other walk. Furthermore, it is recommended by a lot of people who like adventure and who like to do something else.


08:00 P.M. You will be picked up at Amauta Spanish School and brought by bus to Huancacalle, where we arrive at approximately 5:00 or 6:00 AM. In Huancacalle we will have lunch and you can take some rest there for about 3 hours.
10:00 AM We will visit the archeological Rosaspata and Ñusta Hispana. These sites were places of refuge for Manco Inca, to flee for the Spaniards. Here the last battles took place, which had the intention to get the empire back. Nowadays the National Institute of Culture is restoring it.
13:00 Lunch ( Huancacalle)
14:00 We take direction to Vilcabamba la Nueva, (which is 3 hours walking) where we will visit the Colonial Temple and the strength of the religious Franciscan and Yupaccrumi classification (stone with footprints of different animals). We will overnight at this place which is situated 3,250 meters above sea level.

07:00 A.M. After breakfast we will hike to Ututo in about 8 hours (2,800 meters above sea level). From this place you go into the jungle with its wonderful landscapes and enormous diversity of flora and fauna. We will stay the night in Ututo at the banks of the Ututo river.

07:00 A.M. Breakfast. We will walk from Ututo to Vista Alegre, which will take us 8 hours of walking. We will cross bridges and we will even see some inca trails, some small archeological sites that are hidden between the vegetation and that are not even registered by the INC. In Vista Alegre we will stay for the night (1,550 meters above sea level.).

07:00 A.M. Breakfast. This day we will hike from Vista Alegre to Concevidayoc (8 hours of hiking). We will pass Inca trails and will have the opportunity to see the Tunki bird, which is family of "gallito de las rocas". Furthermore, we will see the flower ´Raymondi´ that only can be seen in this place. This flower measures approximately 3 meters and is the biggest flower of the world. In Concevidayoc we will overnight (1,420 meters above sea level.).

06:00 A.M: Breakfast. From Concevidayoc we will hike in 3 hours to EspirituPampa. Here we can admire the remains of the archeological site EspirituPampa, which is one of the most important places of the trail. Therefore, we will take the whole day to visit these ruins. In EspirituPampa we will have our campsite (1,200 meters above sea level). This place is still covered by vegetation, just a small part is cleaned by the Congregation of Salesianos, with help of the villages in the area.

07:00 A.M. : After breakfast we will hike from EspirituPampa towards Chiwanguire, which will take us around 5 hours. We will enjoy a lot of different landscapes and a huge diversity of flora and fauna in this tropical area, which is located at 800 meters above sea level. The lunch will be in Chiguanguire. Afterwards we will go by car to the seven Tinajas (6 hours of travelling). This is also the place where we will stay for the night.

07:00 A.M. Breakfast. This last day we visit the 7 enormous Tinajas; natural formations of water. After our lunch we will go to Quillabamba (30 minutes by car) and finally towards Cusco (6 hours by car).

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Praktische informatie

Vaste vertrek tijden- neem hiervoor

Transport: BY BUS (Chiguanguire Quillabamba and Quillabamba -Cusco)
Length: 7 DAYS, 7 NIGHTS
Price 2017:
Bring With You

 Good sleeping bag;
 plastic to cover your bag;
 good hiking shoes;
 2 pairs of clothes ( packed together in a plastic bag );
 warm sweater;
 Waterbottles and tablets to purify the water (very important);
 insect repellent;
 dried fruit;
Inclusief Exclusief

 Pick up from your hotel;
 pack mules;
 bilingual guide;
 tents and mattresses;
 medical help;
 7 breakfasts;
 7 lunches;
 6 dinners;
 round trip by bus.

 sleeping bag.


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