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Peruvian Fiestas

Festas Tradicionais no Peru

Traditional Fiestas

Festivals in Peru

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O Carnaval nos planaltos peruanos é animado e alegre e acontece durante o mês de fevereiro. Um ritual típico é o de yunza, (“umisha” na selva, e “cortamonte” na costa).
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Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria
Lasts 8 days, in the highland town of Puno, nestled on the shores of Lake Titicaca at an altitude of 3,870 meters above sea level. This colorful fiesta is one of the most beautiful and important celebrations in south of Peru.
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Lord Temblores
Lord of tremors (Señor de los Temblores)
In 1,650, when a devastating earthquake was rattling the city of Cuzco, the people claimed that an oil painting of Christ on the Cross held off the earthquake. Since then, the locals have been rendering homage to the image of Taitacha Temblores, the Lord of the Earthquakes.
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Corpus christi
Corpus Christi
O dia de Corpus Christi é celebrado no país inteiro, mas a festa é muito impressionante em Cusco.
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Inti Raymi
Inti Raymi
Uma das maiores e mais impressionantes celebrações, uma homenagem ao Sol, um Deus importante na cultura inca.
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Virgen del Carmen
Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen
Four hours from Cuzco, in the town of Paucartambo, thousands of devotees hold festivals in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, known locally as "Mamacha Carmen".
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Mes morado
Mes Morado
Procession of The lord of the miracles. This procession, which gathers together the largest number of believers in South America, dates back to colonial times, when a slave, brought over from Angola, drew the image of a black Christ on the walls of a wretched hut in the plantation of Pachacamilla, near Lima. The image stayed on the wall despite several attempts to erase it.
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All saints day
Fiesta de Todos los Santos (All Saints day)
Día de Todos Santos is also known as Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. On November 1st, in Peru as in other Latin american countries, this day is dedicated to the memory of the dead.
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Christmas in Peru
Christmas in Peru
The rural context of the arrival of the infant Christ allowed early Peruvians to identify immediately with the festivity, highlighted by artisan creativity, a sense of aesthetics and the religious devotion of Andean settlers.
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