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Getting around Peru

Getting around Peru


Peru is a big country, so many travelers take internal flights if they have limited time. There are several airlines operating domestic flights (LanPeru (co-owned by LanChile), Taca, Star Peru and Peruvian Airlines). There are also a handful of small airlines flying to remote destinations in light aircraft. There's an 18% tax on domestic flights and there's also a US$4 departure tax on domestic flights.

Public buses are the usual mode of transport over long distances. They are cheap, frequent and relatively comfortable, at least on major routes. When traveling between towns, have your passport with you, as it will need to be shown at police checkpoints. Armed robberies on night buses are not unheard of in Peru, so travel on a day bus (or fly) if you have the option. Trucks often double as buses in remote areas. Local buses are slow, cheap and crowded; when you want to get off just yell out. Taxi fares need to be haggled over; there are no metered cabs. Agree on the fare in advance.
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Distance to Lima

460 Km

285 Miles

Estimated time by Bus

7 hours

Estimated time by Plane


Principal Tours


LIMA to Distance in Estimated time in Principal Tours
Km Miles Bus Plane
Arequipa (Arequipa) 1009 627 15 hours,
30 minutes
1 hour,
25 minutes
>> See all Tours in Arequipa
Cusco (Cusco) 1105 687 21 hours,
30 minutes
1 hour >> See all Tours in Cusco
Ica (Ica) 325 202 4 hours,
15 minutes
-- >> See all Tours in Ica
Lima (Lima) Point of reference Point of reference Point of reference Point of reference >> See all Tours in Lima
Puerto Maldonado (Madre De Dios) 1638 1018 30 hours 1 hour,
30 minutes
>> See all Tours in Madre De Dios
Puno (Puno) 1335 830 25 hours 2 hour,
15 minutes
>> See all Tours in Puno

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(21 March, 2017)

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