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Latin American Cinema

Latin American Cinema

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Probably the most famous of the Latin American Cinema, is the Mexican Movie, that became pret web known during the 1940, especially by the director: Emilio Fernández "El Indio". This period is also called “the Golden Age” of the Mexican Movie, with actors María Félix, Jorge Negrete, Carmen Sevilla, Pedro Armendaris y Mario Moreno "Cantinflas".

Also Argentina had a period of relavitely succes, as web as Brasil with the director Glauber Rocha y Nelson Pereira dos Santos., who also reflected social reality in his Movies.

The cinema in Cuba was totally determined by the Revolution. Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (Fresa y chocolate, 1993) y Humberto Solás are the most well knows directors; in Chile, Miguel Litín.

In Peru there is basically one director that has a certain international name: Francisco Lombardi. Lombardi has been working producing movies since 1977. Most of his movies were based in real facts, a couple of other ones were based in novels, as for example “No se lo digas a nadie” (1998), a good movie about a homosexual boy that discovers his sexuality in a hipocretic, upper middle class Limeñan atmosphere. (based on the novel of the Peruvian writer Jaime Bayli).

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