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South coast

Island Ballestas, Perú
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The Panamerican highway hugs the coast and passes through many areas of interest south of Lima, including Pisco, an important fishing port (best known for its white grape brandy), used by travelers as a base to see the wildlife of the nearby Islas Ballestas and Península de Paracas. The area is of much historical and archaeological interest, with burial sites of the Paracas culture a major lure.

Further south is the town of Nazca, known for its colorful and elaborate pottery and the world-famous Nazca Lines - huge geometric designs, mostly of animals and birds - which are thought to have been built between 900 BC and 600 AD. The designs are only visible from the air but there are numerous flights over the area.

There are yet more chances to see birds in the second largest reserve: the Reserva Nacional Tambopata Candamo. The reserve encompasses the entire watershed of the Rio Tambopata, one of the most beautiful and least-disturbed areas in Peru. The reserve protects the largest macaw lick in South America, the Colpa de Guacamayos. Here birdwatchers can view one of the world´s phenomenal avian spectacles, as hundreds of red, blue and green parrots and macaws gather at the lick daily.

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The Mysterious Nazca Lines
The Nazca people left behind one of the most astonishing legacies of the old cultures of Peru - the Nazca Lines...

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Nazca Lines
Nazca Lines And Ballestas Island Nazca Lines And Ballestas Island
Despite the barren landscapes of this area of Peru, the coast of the Paracas Peninsula and the nearby Ballestas Islands...
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