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Colonial Cathedral in Cusco
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Cusco is situated at 3,400 meters (11,000 feet) above sea level, surrounded by mountains and valleys. It has a population of 300,000 inhabitants - most of them indigenous - and has much beauty to offer: the panorama of the Andes, famous Inca ruins and the magical ruins of Machu Picchu. The capital of the ancient Inca empire and the oldest continuously inhabited city on the continent, Cusco is now an important link in the South American travel network. Its legacy as the hub of the Inca empire is readily apparent: Most of the city streets are lined with Inca-built stonewalls and crowded with Quechua-speaking descendants of the Incas. The city has magnificent repositories of colonial art such as the Cathedral (begun in 1559) and La Merced Church. There is also Coricancha, The Tenple of the Sun, in the middle of the city center, which was formerly covered with gold (the stonework is all that remains) and the Museo de Arqueológia, the interior of which is filled with metal and gold work, jewelry, pottery, textiles and mummies. And four magnificent ruins - Sacsayhuamán, Qenko, Puca Pucara and Tambo Machay - are nearby.

Programs Offered

Tours & Packages

 Ausengate Trek Ausangate Trek
Ausangate is the mountain most representative for the Cusqueno Andeans.It is situated at the cordillera of Vilcanota....
$0.00 per person
City tour Cusco
City Tour City Tour
The tour starts at the impressive Colonial Cathedral in Cusco that contains over 400 paintings from the Cusquenan School...
$0.00 per person
Inca Trail (4 days, 3 nights)
Classic Inca Trail Classic Inca Trail (4 Days 3 Nights)
The Inca Trail follows in the ancient footsteps of the Inca´s towards the world famous “Lost City of the Incas”...
$0.00 per person
Mountain Biking in Maras and Moray
Mountain Biking in Maras and Moray Mountain Biking in Maras and Moray
This is an excellent tour to do in one day, combining the Andean landscapes, archaelogical sites...
$0.00 per person
The Bridge of Qeswachaka
Q’eswachaka Bridge Q’eswachaka Bridge
The Q’eswachaka Bridge is located over the Apurimac River about 11,811 feet above...
$0.00 per person
Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu
Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu
A remote and ancient footpath in the same region as the Inca trail, with spectacular views...
$0.00 per person
Inca Trail (2 days, 1night)
Short Inca Trail Short Inca Trail (2 days 1 Night)
This is the short version of the famous and stunning Inca Trail...
$0.00 per person
Spanish Classes
Spanish Classes Spanish Classes
Immerse yourself in the language and culture of Peru by studying Spanish in one of three great locations...
$0.00 per person
Volunteer Program
Volunteer Program Volunteer Program
Our Volunteer Program provides the unique opportunity to live and work in Peru. Volunteers experience first-hand...
River Rafting (1 day)
White Water Rafting White Water Rafting (1 day)
Some of the best rivers for White Water rafting in South America are in the mountains...
$0.00 per person

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